Wai Thai: The Natural Thai Food Café

Project undertaken: 2006
Technology: PHP, CSS, XHTML, Javascript, Adobe Photoshop
Skills: Graphic Design, Customer Requirements Gathering, Project Management, Copywriting & Editing
www.wai-thai.com homepage

Wai Thai is a fast food franchise with a difference. Unlike many of it's contemporaries, the food served here is healthy, completely fresh and, above all, genuinely delicious. No MSG, oil, synthetic flavours or colour additives are used at all.

The purpose of Wai-Thai.com is to introduce the brand to potential franchisees and investors. Key goals are to portray the freshness of the produce, the unique healthy eating aspect, the care that has gone into the menu design and the quality and marketability of the consumer experience.

After a requirements spec had been taken, the site mapping and graphic design process was initially carried out on paper, followed up on Photoshop after core elements had been decided upon. Hand-rolled PHP functions control the contact form and handle the navigation display keeping things easy to maintain. The front end consists of XHTML, CSS and JavaScript. The Wai Thai logo and dish photography were supplied by the client.

Acutely aware that a good workman doesn't blame his tools or situation, I do wish more time had been available to dedicate to this project. Many of the photos, despite being very good quality, were significantly cropped at differing angles making maintaining the balance and consistency of image and white space in the graphic design problematic at best.

Despite these constraints, I feel the site meets it's objectives with a crisp fresh feel, great copy and mouth-watering photos all backed up with detailed dish information presented easily on the eye.

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Jon Combe