Sevenoaks Taxis

Project undertaken: 2009
Technology: Django, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, Online Payment Integration (PayPal & WorldPay), Adobe Photoshop, Seach Engine Optimisation
Skills: Logo Design, Customer Requirements Gathering, Graphic Design, Usability Design, Copywriting & Editing homepage

At the start of 2009 I was asked to create the branding and website for a private hire taxi company in Sevenoaks, Kent.

Called "Beeline", the base colour scheme was pretty much fixed as yellow and black. The client wanted a fun, distinct and noticeable logo to be used on their cars as well as their literature but that is where the spec ended.

This website runs on the excellent Django Python framework and makes extensive use of template inheritance and the built-in forms API. Users can top-up their pre-paid discount cards via the website as I integrated it with both PayPal and the UK based WorldPay payment processing platforms.

A key part of this project is Search Engine Optimisation. With such strong competition in the local taxi market, it is vital for this website to appear strongly within the search engines. This is a great website for me to hone my SEO skills and I watch its placing closely. At the time of writing it sits in the precious #1 Google spot for "Taxis Sevenoaks".

This site was created entirely by myself. I wrote new or edited customer copy to make it more web friendly. The logo and images were created in Photoshop and the site was hand coded using "Web 2.0" style XHTML and CSS.

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Jon Combe