Project undertaken: 2006
Technology: PHP, MySQL, Adobe Flash (AS 1.0), CSS, XHTML, XML, Adobe Photoshop
Skills: Customer Requirements Gathering, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Photography
www.qubezero.com homepage

Qubezero were a fantastic band. Based in Bangkok, Thailand they used to play the last Saturday night slot at Saxophone, a regular haunt back when Daeng and I were living there.

The thought of watching a cover band would normally send me scurrying for cover, but the energy, skill and groove Qubezero managed to apply to songs were off the scale. Taking photos at their gigs was easily one of the most fun projects I have been involved with and I genuinely miss these guys.

This site remains the only site I've done solely in Flash. Additionally, there was a PHP/MySQL back end which handled their contact form, maintained a mailing list and powered a calendar of the band's forthcoming events which was sent to the Flash front-end via XML.

Visit an archived version of qubezero.com.

Jon Combe