Oaks Furniture

Project undertaken: 2003
Technology: PHP, JavaScript, HTML 4.0, CSS
Skills: Customer Requirements Gathering, Graphic Design
www.oaksfurniture.co.uk homepage

Importing teak garden furniture direct from Java, Indonesia, Oaks Furniture needed a way to advertise their wares. I was approached by them for advice of how to do this and this website became the end result.

My task was made easier thanks to the client already having all the photography and copy already in place. That's not to say it was neccesarily a quick process as at that time I was staying in an apartment in Bangkok that came with a free internet connection, but one which ran at a horribly slow speed, kicking you off you every 60 minutes or dropping away altogether whenever it rained. Downloading gigantic photos sent from the UK was a frustrating process!

I still think this, 7 years on, is not a bad looking site though on the technical side of things, with hindsight I would have done a great many things differently, especially from an SEO perspective. That being said, despite it's age it does still work across all web browsers.

Visit an archived version of oaksfurniture.co.uk.

Jon Combe