JAWStats Web Analytics

Project undertaken: 2007 to present
Technology: PHP, JavaScript (jQuery), XHTML, CSS, AWStats, Ajax, MySQL
Skills: Project Management, User Experience Design, Graphic Design
JAWStats screenshot

JAWStats is an open source project I started purely as a little experiment.

It is a web 2.0 style interface wrapper around the hugely successful AWStats web statistics package. AWStats provides information to webmasters about how many people visit their website, what parts of the site they look at, how long they stay and where they come from. My only complaint of AWStats is that I find it's interface dated at best.

JAWStats works by reading the data files created by AWStats and converting these to convenient chunks of XML. This XML is loaded in the web browser usign AJAX calls powered by jQuery and the information is presented on screen. From it's humble beginnings, JAWStats has grown in size and scope; it has been translated into several different languages by an army of volunteers and soon I hope to introduce a theme editor tool to allow users to easily change the look and feel themselves. My goal from the outset was for JAWStats to be very easy to install, even for non-technically minded people, I hope I have achieved this.

Running an open-source project like this has been a learning experience (gotta love hatemail). At v1.0 I will open the code fully so anyone can contribute.

JAWStats is released under the MIT license. View the JAWStats web analytics project website or try the online demo.

The online translation tool JAWStats uses was also created by me and one day I may too turn this into an open-source project.

Jon Combe