Drippy Taps

Project undertaken: 2000
Technology: Active Server Pages, VBScript, HTML 4.0, CSS
Skills: Customer Requirements Gathering, Graphic Design, Logo Design
www.drippytaps.com homepage

Easily the oldest site here, DrippyTaps.com was one of my first paid freelance websites and the first to enjoy any real success. Advertising a plumbing firm in the South West of England, it surprisingly generated a fair share of leads for it's owners.

Looking at it now I feel it is a deadful design (what was I thinking?), but considering how long ago it was done and how at that time I was still very much learning the trade, I guess I shouldn't be too hard on myself.

To be fair, it did work in every browser at the time - and still does perfectly today. In those days, cross-browser compatibility involved exhausting battles with Netscape 4.7 to get a site to look remotely how you wanted it to, and if that attempt wasn't right, often ripping up that swathes of HTML <tables> and all the images within them and starting over from scratch. If it looked good on a Mac too, you were quids in.

My version of DrippyTaps.com died some years ago but it marked a small milestone for me at a time I was desperately trying to build an online portfolio. It all seems a horribly long time ago now.

Visit an archived version of drippytaps.com.

Jon Combe