Det 5

Project undertaken: 2006
Technology: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop
Skills: Customer Requirements Gathering, Graphic Design

Det-5 (not my website) might be an odd name for a bar, but it is a superb, friendly place. Located nowadays on Sukhumvit Soi 8, Bangkok, it was originally named after Detachment 5 of the US Military's POW/MIA who are based in the city.

When I was tasked with creating a logo for the bar, something that could be used in both signage and promotional material, the key message to communicate was the importance of the music played there. Every bar in Bangkok worth it's salt has cold beer, pool tables, food and TV sports, but while unpretentious Det-5 shines in all these departments they also excel at playing a wide spectrum of great music, loud! Their CD collection is huge and they take requests all night long.

Logo design is a long, iterative and often frustrating process. The logo ideas shown below imply it was a simple five-step process from conception to completion, but of course it wasn't that easy, nor should it be if you want the best result. The sequence illustrates a small part of how the 'winning' idea developed into fruition.

Move the mouse over the logos to see the detail:

1. Thinking of round CDs and vinyl LPs, this was a starting point

Logo #1 Logo #2 Logo #3 Logo #4 Logo #5

Rough logo ideas and themes were initially discussed verbally and sketched out on paper. Certain ideas were picked out "by jury" which were then created quickly in Photoshop. After another couple of rounds of discussion and iteration other ideas fell by the wayside which left the above theme. This was then redone using Adobe Illustrator and, following a few tweaks, the rotated CD with address text logo was chosen. The top of the disc remains free for any additional text which can be added in the same style as the address text running along the bottom.

The logo has the nice benefit that it remains distinctive regardless of the colour used. For example, promotional material could have a different CD colour for each night of the week or for special events. It is inexpensive to print being a two-colour design and makes a great beermat even if I do say so myself.

Jon Combe