Cambridge School of Martial Arts

Project undertaken: 2008
Technology: CSS, XHTML, Javascript (jQuery), Adobe Photoshop, PHP, Seach Engine Optimisation, Apache (mod_rewrite)
Skills: Customer Requirements Gathering, Project Management, Graphic Design, Copywriting & Editing homepage

In spring 2008, for the first time in my life, I started learning a Martial Art. This isn't something that in any way comes naturally to me but it is good fun and I'm gaining a great deal. Some months after starting, I designed a new website for the school.

While the previous website was technically OK, the graphic design severely limited the amount of content that could be added and made some fundamental usability mistakes. My Sifu (teacher) wanted more freedom to add content and employ better SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) techniques. The new site already has much more content than it's predecessor and, even days after launch, improvements in Search Engine standing have been recorded.

This site was created entirely by myself. I wrote new or edited customer copy to make it more web and SEO-friendly. The images were edited in Photoshop and the site was hand coded using "Web 2.0" style XHTML and CSS. There is some PHP under the hood which makes the site more manageable, plus a mailing list sign-up form which is due to be integrated shortly.

The "arrow" navigation effect (inspired by a triangle shape which is a motif of Wing Tsun Kung Fu) was achieved through a hand-rolled JavaScript function, though of course the menu works perfectly well in a script-unaware browser.

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Jon Combe