The Battle of Bramall Lane

Project undertaken: 2004
Technology: Adobe Photoshop
Skills: Sense of humour?
The Battle of Bramall Lane Farenheit 9/11

The Guardian newspaper website runs a weekly competition in their football section. Called The Gallery, it is a tongue-in-cheek Photoshop competition.

Back in 2004, the subject of the competition one particular week was Neil Warnock, the then manager of my beloved football team, Sheffield United. I didn't win (booo!) but I'm still rather proud of my entry (above left).

It hopefully goes without saying that my effort was a parody of the Farenheit 9/11 film poster (above right). The 'controversy' it references is the infamous Battle of Bramall Lane football match of 2002. I've replaced Michael Moore with "our Neil", and George W. Bush is represented by the ever-chirpy Gary Megson, formerly the manager of our opponents that fateful day, West Brom.

The heads of the two men (oversized, for comedic effect) were cut from other photos I found online. The trickiest part was to alter the skin colours sufficiently to fit in with the poster without losing detail or contrast. The last step was to cut out the two new characters and position them over the new background and apply the dark fade to keep in style with the original poster.

With hindsight I would have liked to have paid more attention to Neil's neck (the guy on the left), matched the fonts and removed the flags from the top of the stand, but there was only so much time I could dedicate to such a fun yet meaningless exercise.

Jon Combe