My code and other animals

In the last year, I've become enamoured with jQuery, a JavaScript framework written by a very clever chap called John Resig.

I understand some purists see jQuery as being imperfect - JavaScript often ends up looking like jQuery as opposed to JavaScript - but as a rapid development tool it is pure genius. And then you realise you couldn't realistically optimise it further if you tried. That rough working prototype you quickly knocked up to appease the sales team soon becomes the final product and everyone goes home happy.

In the spirit of giving things back, I've written a couple of plugins which I've made available to the world for download. I'm sure anyone who does a lot of AJAX calls can find use for Tache, my jQuery AJAX caching plugin, or emulate PHP's mega-useful date command with my jQuery PHPDate date-formatting plugin.

If you're interested to see other jQuery work I've done, check out my JAWStats web analytics project.

This website is product of my first experiment with Django and Python. After years of coding PHP, I wanted to try something new, so here goes. Content is stored in a MySQL database, static content is served by Nginx, pages are served by Apache and hopefully everything is kept ticking along with the help of memcached.

This website is also my first attempt at using a VPS server (I'm with the excellent Linode) instead of a hand-holding host, so I had to play sysadmin to get all the above working. It's probably the biggest overkill setup ever for an unread blog, but I'm glad for the experience to install, configure and maintain all this myself before applying these new skills to larger things. I'm so going to get hacked now I've told you that.

Jon Combe