Marching through houses

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A few years ago my friend ran his own small business, I was lucky enough to be commissioned to design, build and host a website advertising his goods.

Some months later another website popped up; someone else had proverbially cut'n'paste his business idea and literally cut'n'paste the website I'd built. They changed nothing but the name of the brand and the contact details.

The video above left is by Huddersfield's finest four piece, The Scaramanga Six. The song is "Walking Through Houses" taken from their EP of the same name, released in May 2008.

I found the video below it while surfing around YouTube yesterday. It is from a band that formed in 2008, Esben and the Witch. The song is "Marching Song" released October 2010, from their forthcoming album, Violet Cries, due to be released next year.

An Introduction To The Scaramanga Six is available now and a must have for those who rock. It is all their own work.

It seems in this case it was actually a coincidence (check the comments from peterkingdirector and PaulMorricone).

Am checking out the Six now though -- thanks for the pointer!

chris wrote on 20th November 2010
chris wrote on 20th November 2010

It could quite well be a coincidence, Chris, and if it is, I apologise to the band and their team. Sadly, any comment made on Esben's YouTube page re: The Scaramanga Six, however polite, fail to get past their moderators. You'd have thought they'd let them through if they had nothing to hide.

Jon wrote on 21st November 2010

It looks like they delete most things that aren't agush with lavish praise/compliments. There isn't even anything particularly neutral.

chris wrote on 21st November 2010

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