Rip it up (and start again)

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When I was seven years old I really loved the then newly released song 'Rip it up' by (one hit wonder) band, Orange Juice. It has remained a firm favourite over the years, though thankfully those suits and haircuts are now a thing of the past. Sadly, miming on stage when cameras are present is not.

I've stolen the song's chorus as the title for this post, on this, the day I have taken the plunge and deleted my old blog entries. Why? Blogs need a theme and a direction and what was here up to just a few minutes ago lacked both. The lack of these elements lead to a dwindling lack of inspiration to write anything at all and eventually it died of neglect.

There are a couple of posts I'm not happy about losing - particularly a homage to a lost friend and the birth of my son a few days later - but to make the website I'm aiming for, it is time to wipe the slate clean.

The plan now is to write about the things I do for a living; how human beings interact with technology, how we make (particularly web based) products, web development itself and the cool - and crazy - stuff I see online. I have no doubt there will still be the odd baby puking story thrown in for good measure but overall, this is the plan.

Wish me luck. The future is better, I promise.

It's a shame that post about your former boss won't be on the net anymore. That was a really touching post.

Good luck in the future, and hopefully you'll be posting plenty of jQuery stuff!

Liam wrote on 13th September 2010

Cheers LB, I appreciate it. As for jQuery, there is a load more to come.

Jon Combe wrote on 13th September 2010

We look forward to it.

Ammmonnnnn wrote on 15th September 2010

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