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Good thing we spent all that time designing the 404 page

As far as viral marketing campaigns go, this is a cracker: IAmEffed.com is an e-card sending / email address harvesting website by new media recruiters, Aquent. The site allows you to build your own card to describe the current state of disarray one's project is in. Choose a category, then a headline and off you go.

My favourites include, "What this project needs is more people who know things", "Can we get that team that built Rome in a day?", "This target would be easier to hit if it would quit moving", "Good thing we spent all that time designing the 404 page" and the coup de grâce, "Someone should be chekcing this prject for errorrs".

It hasn't passed me by that a site designed to attract great web people forces the user to click their "step number" images to start from the beginning again - hardly cutting edge usability. Some previews of the available images would have been nice too. Despite these small hiccups - and I assume they made this on a shoestring - they've clearly achieved the desired effect.

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