Just another northen monkey

Hello, my name is Jon Combe. It is no coincidence that my surname rhymes with doom and gloom. I'm a User Interface Engineer Product Manager not really understanding life back in England after half a decade in SE Asia.

I am married to the wonderful Daeng, she's much smarter and prettier than I am and is a huge asset at social occasions where she invariably makes me look better than I otherwise would. Our first baby, Thomas, keeps us more than just a little occupied.

By day I design and create (hopefully) intuitive user interfaces for a well known financial company. It's my job to make using our products as instinctive as using a computer can be and never a chore.

The halcyon ideal is for a system to be so easy-to-use that you don't even notice it there; one where interaction is natural, where relevant information is presented with clarity and in minimal time. One day I'll get there. I've just been promoted up to the position of Product Manager. I'll update this page once I get to grips with what it is I'm meant to be doing now.

[Six month update: I still haven't got to grips with what it is I'm meant to be doing now.]

Outside the world of weekly meetings, conference calls and wearing shoes, I am the owner of Bangkok's Premier Business Directory & What's On Guide and JAWStats web analytics.

Her & I
Her & I, Koh Samet, Thailand,
April 2009
Jon Combe